Global Exchange Reality Tours

Globalization along our Border and in our Backyard: Impacts on Human Rights

In October 2000, I gave a presentation at California State University Fullerton Geography Department's monthly Brown Bag Lecture Series on my experiences on two Global Exchange "Reality Tours"--one along the US/Mexico border and one in Los Angeles. You can read the presentation and view the slides by clicking on the picture to the right.

COMING SOON:  Read about Global Exchange's "Reality Tour: The  Global Economy at Our Border".
Several  times a year, Global Exchange's Exploring organizes multi-day educational travel tours to the Tijuana-San Diego Border as a way to educate and organize around issues at the border. The tour
's focus on the expansion of free trade, militarization, immigration, labor and human rights, and involve interactive sessions with grassroots groups, government agencies and corporations as well as site visits and small group discussions. I was fortunate to participate on a tour last September.
 Click on the cross (left) to read about my experiences, and learn more about  workers, militarization, environmental justice, immigration and human rights  along our border.

COMING SOON:  Read about Global Exchange's "Reality Tour of Los Angeles."

During  the week leading up to the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles,  the San Francisco-based human rights organization Global Exchange conducted  a “Reality Tour” of Los Angeles, highlighting many of the realities  of life in Los Angeles that were not only been ignored by the candidates,  but also hidden from the thousands of delegates who descended on the city  for the convention.  I was  fortunate to hear about the tour and had the incredible experience of participating  in all three days. Click on the protest puppet (left) to read about my experiences,  and learn more about environmental justice, labor rights, and the prison industrial complex in the LA area.