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Nationalism in the United States

      Some scholars have been predicting “the end of the era of nationalism” for years.  Yet just the opposite appears to be happening throughout America.  With the continuing conflict with Iraq and the increase in entertainment glorifying our nation’s past and future, America has experienced a rejuvenated sense of national identity and patriotism.  In slide number five we see three American citizens sitting at a bus stop shelter.  Looking closer, we see that all three people are reading articles on the current situation in Iraq.  This shared concern has created a commonality among citizens throughout the nation. Increasingly, the conflict with Iraq is being seen as “us” against “them,” joining Americans together in a common struggle against ‘our common enemy.’  

        Also in the slide we see a movie advertisement with an American flag on it.  In recent years, numerous motion pictures have had as a central theme the glorification of America’s past or present.  Often these movies are considered to be among the year’s best, for they are quite effective in stirring a nationalistic pride among viewers.  The resurgence of American patriotism and nationalism in recent years has surely been aided by the increase in this form of entertainment.